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My Art Interests

I am an author and artist who is passionate about books, sci-fi and fantasy! When I’m not lost in the worlds I create through my writing, I am found lost in the worlds I create with my art. I am completely and proudly self-taught in all areas of visual and literary arts and still learning! After quitting PhD candidature in Physics!

Oil Paintings

My oil paintings serve as windows to enchanting literary worlds or simply serve to delight book lovers with a celebration of books and literature, sci-fi and fantasy!

Printable Junk Journal Kits

I design printable junk journal kits for book lovers who appreciate the tactile experience of flipping through the pages. With these kits forming the foundational pages and ephemera of your journals, you can create your own unique journal filled with snippets of your favorite stories, personal musings, and artistic expressions.


To complement these artistic endeavors, I have an array of merchandise designed for lovers of books, sci-fi and fantasy.

With my creations, I aim to ignite the imagination, spark a sense of wonder, and celebrate the power of storytelling. Whether you’re seeking a unique gift for a fellow book lover or looking to indulge yourself in the world of literature-inspired art, I invite you to explore my collection.

Where to Buy?

You can buy my junk journal printable kits, original oil paintings and DIY art prints on my Etsy Store.


You can buy my merch designs on print on demand stores.



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